RPG Campaigns As A TV Series, Part 1

One thing I like to do with my RPG campaigns is to organize and run them like a TV series. To be more accurate, it’s more like a British series or a mini-series. Rather than trying to do a full 20 episode year like most series, I like to have 6 or 8 sessions make up a game year.

A sort year like this feels a little more “realistic” since things don’t happen every week. It also allows time between sessions for various character actions (crafting, research, improvements, and so on). It also allows for a story arc without so many filler adventures and with the series taking place over a long period, it doesn’t feel like everything is crammed into a few months or weeks.

I’ve evolved to this position over a number of years and I’ve experimented with different ways of doing this. I feel this method works well in episodic, arc, and sandbox campaigns.

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