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I’ve had a lot of fun with this MMO. I’m in a nice micro-fleet and I’ve meet a few good roleplayers in the game. There are some aspects of the game that really appeal to me (the duty officer system and the fleet holdings construction). Other things like PVP matches I just don’t care about (I’m too casual with my game-play to make a good PVP gamer).

I’m using this corner of my site to host information about the fleet I’m involved with and some of the things we do in the game.

My ship in the game, the U.S.S. Halliburton, is detailed here. My in-game handle is @pghjim15210.

I’ll be updating this as I can and when significant things happen.

The 911th Survey Squadron

Area of operations

Area of operations

The 911th is tasked with survey and development operations in the Rolor Nebula. The squadron is based at Deep Space 13, a new starbase constructed in the Kalandra Sector.

Table of Organization & Equipment

U.S.S. Phobos – The squadron flagship. CAPT Leighanne Cavenaugh is the ship’s CO and squadron CO. The Phobos is usually assigned to survey operations in the Rolor Nebula.

U.S.S. Tamerlane – An escort vessel assigned to DS13. The ship is primarily used for patrol, SAR, and anti-piracy operations near DS13. If necessary, the vessel can be deployed to the Rolor Nebula.

U.S.S. Star Cougar – A smuggling vessel seized by Starfleet and converted for use as a courier and fast supply vessel. The ship is assigned to DS 13.

Deep Space 13 – This facility uses a standard starbase design and supports the exploration and development of the Rolor Nebula. CMDR April Dixon is the station CO.

Attached Units

U.S.S. Halliburton (NCC-93182) – This is a modified Galaxy-class cruiser designed to transport and support Corps of Engineers operations. In order to support a full battalion of combat engineers, the family quarters on the ship were either converted into squad bays or additional cargo bays. Dedicated industrial replicators were installed in order to allow large construction materials to be replicated efficiently. And since the ship was no longer designed for long-range exploration, many of the supplies were replaced with raw materials for construction support. CAPT T’vana is the ship’s CO and squadron XO. CMDR Jason Grant commands the 42nd SCE Construction Battalion which is assigned to the Halliburton.

Carrick Mining Station – This is a joint civilian and Starfleet mining facility in the Rolor Nebula. DS13 is responsible for the protection and support of this station. In addition, a detachment from the 42nd CB is assigned here to assist with operations.

S.S. Red Ink Express – This is a civilian vessel operated by Terik Construction Services. The vessel is owned and commanded by Aidoann i-Mnaeha Terik. Although not a Starfleet vessel, the company contracts it’s services out to the Federation and has been involved in the construction of DS13, Carrick Station, and various outposts in the Rolor Nebula.


Our storyline is focused on exploration and development in the Rolor Nebula and surrounding areas.

Stardate 91147.33 to 91350.71

Captain Leighanne Cavenaugh is assigned command of the 911th Survey Squadron.

Commander April Dixon is assigned as commanding officer of Deep Space 13. She oversees the last stages of the initial construction and is present when the station goes online. A few days later, the Phobos departs for survey operations in the Rolor Nebula.

The U.S.S. Tamerlane is assigned to Deep Space 13 as a security and SAR vessel.

Commander Jason Grant of the 42nd Construction Battalion, the U.S.S. Halliburton, and Aidoann Terik’s construction company work on bringing Carrick Mining Station online.  Once the station begins operations, the Halliburton and the 42nd CB are reassigned to DS13. Terik Construction remains at Carrick Station and continues to work on improvements.

The Phobos stops begins survey and exploration duties in the Rolor Nebula.  During a survey of a world, they come across an abandoned outpost that belonged to an unknown alien species. Leighanne’s crew recovers a number of artifacts and she sends one to DS13 for research and the others back to Starfleet Command.

April obtains information about a smuggling operation in the Kalandra Sector. Her and CMDR Grant come up with a sting operation and capture the smugglers, their ship, and a large amount of contraband.

Grant begins working on the smuggler’s ship and makes updates and modifications to the vessel. When he’s done, he presents it to April and she commissions it as the station’s utility vessel.

With Phase II construction complete on DS13 and a new utility vessel for local operations, April reassigns the Tammerlane to a larger patrol area in the Kalandra Sector.

Stardate 91350.71 to 91602.53

Construction and development of DS13 and Carrick Station continues.

The Phobos continues to explore the Rolor Nebula and support new settlements in the region. Near the end of the year, the ship returns to DS13 for some system updates and improvements.

The squadron conducts a large SAR exercise at Carrick station to practice rescue operations in the event of a large-scale emergency.

April loads a popular winter festival program into the station’s holodeck. It quickly becomes a favourite diversion for the crew.

Stardate 91602.53 to 91848.66

Construction and development of DS13 and Carrick Station continues.

Upgrades are completed on the Phobos and the ship returns to survey operations.

The Halliburton and the Red Ink Express devote most of their time to colonial development and expansion in the Rolor Nebula. Both ships are involved in rescue operations when a major flood occurs at a colony.

At the end of the quarter, the Halliburton and Red Ink Express are assigned to assist in the establishment of the Federation’s new colonial headquarters in the Rolor Nebula.


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