U.S.S. Halliburton


The Halliburton (NCC-93182) is a modified Galaxy class cruiser designed to transport and support Corps of Engineers operations.

Starship CO: CAPT T’vana
SCE Detachment CO: CMDR Jason Grant


Most SCE operations are supported by either small Sabre class vessels or modified cargo transports. In order to provide much more flexible support for large-scale operations, the SCE made modifications to a basic Galaxy design.

In order to support a full battalion of combat engineers, the family quarters on the ship were either converted into squad bays or additional cargo bays. Dedicated industrial replicators were installed in order to allow large construction materials to be replicated efficiently. And since the ship was no longer designed for long-range exploration, many of the supplies were replaced with raw materials for construction support.

Following the modifications, the 42nd Construction Battalion was assigned to the Halliburton and the ship embarked on a year-long “proof of concept” cruise in the Delta Velonis Cluster. During this deployment, the vessel and attached engineers assisted in various construction projects.

The SCE is pleased with the Halliburton‘s performance and plans to acquire additional vessels modified to it’s specifications. Proposed names for future vessels include Kalashnikov, Sikorski, Krupp, and Hughes.

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